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Can I book a trial anytime during the term?

We are happy to welcome new faces throughout the majority of the year. The only time we would advise waiting a few weeks to book your free trial is if we are just about to perform a show, otherwise we will always make it possible for you to come along for a taster.

I am not intersted in performing as a career, will your classes still suit me?

Absolutely! The biggest benefit of performing arts classes is the confidence they give you to be yourself. Our classes give you the skills you need to be your best self in all areas of life, and prepare you for whatever path you choose. If you ARE interested in a performing arts career we have specific classes that will prepare you for that, otherwise our ethos is to just have fun and feel confident!

do you offer sibling discount?

Yes -  our sibling discount ranges from 20-50% depending on which classes you are booking.


how many students will be in my class?

Our class sizes vary, but we try to keep numbers below 15 so we are offering our students as much contact time as possible.

how many shows will I perform in each year?

Each Academy produces two performances per year; usually a showcase in the Summer Term and a cabaret in the Autumn Term. We use the Spring Term to focus on new skills and let our hair down in between the two performance terms. Even when we are in a performance term we keep our classes relaxed and fun, and no student is ever asked to participate in any performances if they do not feel comfortable doing so.

any other questions? 

Get in touch!

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