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West End Mentors

Are you a Primary School looking to boost your students' potential? 

We can help! 

At some point in their school journey, students are bound to face some challenges. Whether that is general social anxieties/self esteem issues, overwhelming exam stress, or educational setbacks it is likely that all children will have their own problem to face. Every child deserves a space to feel confident, be encouraged to express themselves and be equipped with Mental wellbeing tools, all while having fun! This is where our workshops can help your school!


Empower Growth
by unlocking your students' full potential

Build their confidence

We give them strategies and resources to encourage mental wellbeing, and give them opportunities to push their confidence and self-esteem through creative play.

Boost academic success

Studies have shown that children who take part in drama based activities have a 60% increase in their literacy and retention skills - perfect for those upcoming tests!

Find their own identity

Through inspiring creativity, we strive to allow children the freedom to express themselves in a safe space, and through fun activities which include singing, dancing and drama.


"Fred is a changed person because of you. He loves performing and we can see that twinkle and magic in him. Thank you Victoria".  

Our Services

Primary School

Child age 10

Classes have made my concentration and confidence much better at school and now if I have to present something I’m not scared or worried.

Head Teacher

St George's Primary

West End Theatre Academy delivered an outstanding day of workshops. Our Year 6 students were inspired to express themselves!

Primary School

Child age 8

Classes have made me more confident to share my ideas at school, and also speak up for myself and others.

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